ATGENDER, the European Association for Gender Research, Education and Documentation was founded officially on September 30, 2009.

The last day of Athena – for now at least – was thus the first day of ATGENDER. This means that there is continuity in our networking also on an institutional level.

ATGENDER, the European Association for Gender Research, Education and Documentation was founded officially on September 30, 2009. Its legal residency is in the Netherlands.ATGENDER is a ‘vereniging’, which means that it is an independent association with full legal rights that consists of members. The Statutes are now in the process of being translated, and will be uploaded to the website for your information. ATGENDER being a legal body means that it can start the procedure of official membership. ATGENDER has individual members and institutional members. Hopefully, those who have pledged support – 109 individuals and 39 Institutional members so far – will be the first to become official members.  Being legal, however, means that the Board can start a fundraising campaign. Current other financial sources come from AOIFE, ATHENA, and Wise, the organizations that have merged, and founded ATGENDER.

The Board consists of the following members: Dr. Iris van der Tuin (the Netherlands) and Prof. Harriet Silius (Finland) – presidents Prof. Barbara Bagilhole (the U.K.) – treasurer Prof. Nicky Le Feuvre (Switzerland) – secretary The Board consists of the following other members: Dr. Daniela Gronold (Austria) Mia Liinason, MA (Sweden) Prof. Nina Lykke (Sweden) Susana Elisa Pavlou (Cyprus) Prof. Kirsi Saarikangas (Finland) Prof. Dr. Berteke Waaldijk (the Netherlands) ATGENDER’s Board is being assisted by Mariëtte Pesman (secretary of ATHENA) and Charliene van der Werf (intern at Utrecht University).

Invitation to ATGENDER’s upcoming activities Networking is ATGENDER’s main project.  It will continue the good practices of ATHENA, AOIFE and Wise as well. This means that (spreading) the ATHENA volumes and other publications are for now in ATGENDER’s hands, as well as the products of Wise (esp. the mailinglists) and AOIFE. ATGENDER has accepted ATHENA’s offer to take over the Teaching with ATHENA series.


The Tuning project

The Tuning-committee established at the Utrecht Plenary meeting of ATHENA3 (June 2009) is busy preparing a draft for the Tuning brochure, containing ‘Reference points for design and delivery of programs in Gender Studies’. This brochure will be a crucial element in future applications for funding for education (summer schools, Marie Curie or Erasmus Mundus to mention only a few), since it will allow gender studies specialists to refer to reference point for quality from our own field. The brochure will be based on the results of the questionnaire that enough ATHENA-members have filled in, and contain ‘best practices’ as reported by ATHENA working groups about teaching in the past years. The Tuning Committee expects that by the beginning of November a draft version will be available for comments by all ATHENA3-partners.  The next phase will be finalizing the text and inviting a selected group of scholars and stakeholders from outside our own circle to comment. This will happen at a so-called ‘validation-conference’. ATGENDER will sponsor this conference. The validation conference, which Amazone and Sophia have kindly offered to host, will take place on February 18, 2010 in Brussels.


ATGENDER Conference ‘Beyond European Gender Studies’ and General Assembly

The Tuning accreditation conference will be ATGENDER’s first activity. This will take place back-to-back with the conference ‘Beyond European Gender Studies’ and ATGENDER’s first General Assembly (GA) on February 19, 2010.  Below you can find the call for papers for the European Gender Studies conference on February 19, which closes with our first General Assembly.

Call for Papers BEYOND EUROPEAN GENDER STUDIES – TRANSVERSAL CONNECTIONS, Brussels, February 19, 2010. What is the State of the Art of Gender Studies in your country, region, Europe or beyond Europe? How do we vision future connections for European Gender Studies? What do we mean with transversal? Which kind of connections will be important for Gender Studies to uphold and develop geographically, thematically and with actors outside academia? How do we foresee intensified links to information and documentation centres as well as to the providers of dissemination of educational and research results to be elaborated? ATGENDER calls for papers on any of these issues for the conference ‘Beyond European Gender Studies – Transversal Connections’.

Please, send an abstract of 150 words to before December 15th, 2009. Self-paying participants with or without a paper, as well as ATHENA working groups, are kindly invited to register at the same address, as soon as possible, however at the latest on January 11th, 2010. Apart from several panel sessions taking place in the afternoon, ATGENDER will arrange a plenary morning session with key note speakers and responses. The themes of the key note addresses will be the transversal connections between European and Asian Gender Studies, and between European Gender Studies, feminist activism, and society at large.

Confirmed key note speakers are: Professor Chang Pil Wha the President of Asian Association of Women’s Studies, and as the first professor of women’s studies in Korea and Asia.

Dr Malin Rönnblom is lecturer at Umeå University Sweden. She is also in charge of internalisation and marketing of Gender Studies programmes and head of research in the European research project called QUING, dealing with Quality in Gender and Equality Policies. In addition she is editor of NORA, Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research and chair of the Swedish Federation of Gender Scholars. Her talk will be about the transversal connections between European and Asian Gender Studies, and between European Gender Studies, feminist activism, and society at large.

Open call for suggestions for the Board Apart from Tuning, the conference and our GA, we warmly invite suggestions for projects that could be undertaken by ATGENDER as an umbrella for activities in the area of Gender Research, Education and Documentation. Once the Statutes have been translated, you will see that we envision to keep up the good practice of working in smaller working groups on concrete projects, both practical regarding research, educational and documentation policies and theoretical regarding the content of our field. ATGENDER is also the perfect tool for applying for (E.U.-) funding for these projects.


News from Athena

The ATHENA-network has officially closed its third cycle (ATHENA3) on September.  The ATHENA3-book series Teaching with Gender is a series of books that reflect on teaching gender studies in different contexts: transnational classrooms, universities, professional training, and women’s centers.

At this moment six titles have been printed:

• Teaching Gender in Social Work. Teaching with Gender. European Women’s Studies in International and Interdisciplinary Classrooms

• Teaching with memories, Gender and Transnational Citizenship in Europe

• Teaching with the Third Wave. New Feminists’ Explorations of Teaching and Institutional Contexts

• Teaching Subjectivity. Travelling Selves for Feminist Pedagogy

• Teaching Gender, Diversity and Urban Space. An Intersectional Approach between Gender Studies and Spatial Disciplines

• Teaching with Memories. European Women’s Histories in International and Interdisciplinary Classrooms Two more volumes (on Teaching Gender and Visual Culture and on Teaching Intersectionality) are at this very moment being produced.

All volumes have been written by ATHENA3 working groups.  The books will also be available online.


The ATGENDER website will be available soon, until than, any questions, responses, ideas, membership issues etc. can be send to: To help ATGENDER grow we would want to ask you to forward this email to whomever you think that might be interested, to spread around the message that now there exists a newsletter for ATGENDER and all those who want to take part of the news are invited to register by sending an email to