WINE women meet IFLA’s Women Information and Libraries Special Interest Group.

On August 14th. 2010 representatives of WINE (Maria Gronroos, KILDEN, ; Silvia Radicioni, Biblioteca delle Donne, Bologna; Berith Backlund, Kvinnsam, and Tilly Vriend, Aletta, ) met Maria Cotera a.o. of IFLA’s Women’s Special Interest group during the IFLA conference in Gothenburg to discuss possibilities for mutual cooperation. It was an inspiring meeting where we had the chance to connect our networks. Since the application for Athena 4 has been rejected, WINE has to find new ways to meet, exchange expertise and inspire each other. IFLA, the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, is the leading international body representing the interests of library and information services and their users. It is a worldwide organization with many members. At the annual conference which took place in Sweden this year, 3.300 participants of 125 countries where present. By linking up WINE with IFLA we can reach many women and use the IFLA infrastructure to communicate with women, we could not reach before.

It was agreed that IFLA and WINE will organise a satellite meeting on ‘women and gender information issues’ prior to the IFLA conference in Helsinki in 2012. MINNA, the centre for gender equality information in Tampere agreed to take a leading role in this respect. All present were very enthusiastic about the outcome of the meeting and look forward to working together. (Tilly Vriend, Aletta, Institute for Women’s History)