ATGENDER Elections for the Board

While Atgender (The European Association for Gender Research, Education and Documentation) is celebrating its first anniversary, any Atgender’s member is invited to participate to the Elections for the board by the end of October.

As WINE we are glad to let you know that Katarina Blomqvist (KVINFO/Denmark) is a member of the nomination commitee,  and that Tilly Vriend (ALETTA/Netherlands) is the WINE Candidate for the Board.

In case your institution is already a Member of Atgender, your nomination is warmly welcomed!! WINE aims to be represented in the Atgender Board.

The deadline to propose candidates for the ATGENDER Elections is November 1st. All forms, which can be downloaded here, must be sent to Atgender.

Wine is supporting Tilly’s candidature for the Board, in case you are nominating her from your organization please send the form directly to Tilly Vriend until this date.

For any question, suggestion, discussion about the elections do not hesitate to use the Wine mailing list and/or post comments on the Blog!