ATGENDER/ATHENA transition meeting on November 25/26, 2010 at Amazone

It is about time to give you an update of activities within WINE. Let me start at the ATGENDER/ATHENA transition meeting on November 25/26 at Amazone in Brussels. Maria Grönroos (KILDEN) and I were invited to represent WINE.
On Thursday 25/11 the ‘ Tuning brochure’ was launched, the last publication, produced within Athena 3. The publication can be ordered at the Utrecht Athena/AtGender office. Several people gave speeches; there was a panel discussion, but for me the keynote speech by Zita Gurmai (member of European Parliament) was the highlight of the afternoon. 
On Friday 26/11 Maria and I participated in the Taskforce meeting of coordinators of former ATHENA working groups. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss in which way we could continue our Athena activities within ATGENDER. We expressed the wish to continue to work as an autonomous and transversal group on women/gender information issues.
ATGENDER will focus on: research streams, publish books; organize conferences, cooperate with national associations of women/gender-studies and women/gender information centers. Next year ATGENDER will organize a spring conference ‘ Feminist Legacies, Feminist futures’ on April 8-10, 2011 in Utrecht. This conference will create an opportunity for WINE members to meet and discuss plans for cooperation. So mark these days in your agenda! The call for this conference will soon be posted. Note: Donna Haraway will give a keynote! One of the strands is on information and dissemination. All personal members within ATGENDER can apply for funding to attend this meeting!
Reminder:women and gender information centers, who have a very limited budget, can apply for a fee-waver to become an AtGender member! We advice all of you to become members, to be able to have a strong voice in this network and to benefit from the advantages a membership can offer you! There was no news concerning the nominations for the ATGENDER board-election; the election of the new board will take place at the Utrecht spring conference.
ALL in all it was a successful meeting, which marked a new beginning for cooperation within ATGENDER. Best wishes from Tilly Vriend, Aletta, Institute for Women’s History