New Pilot Project from Eige

The EIGE – The European Institute for Gender Equality’s Resource Centre the Resource and Documentation Centre – consultation Meeting with WINE took place the 23rd & 24th of May 2011 in Vilnius: the consultation resulted in a proposal for a pilot project and some concrete steps to implement it.

The European Institute for Gender Equality’s Resource and Documentation Centre (RDC) consists of a physical library in Vilnius and a global online catalogue containing digital documentation resources.

Based on the classification system for books and on-line documentation, developed during 2011, relevant literature on gender issues will be collected, encoded and made available for the public and interested parties from Member States and accession or candidate countries.

One aim for the RDC is to host a platform of already existing information/resource centres and libraries on gender equality in Europe offering a single point of access to their resources through one common search engine, reference service, bibliographical database and keywords from the European Women’s Thesaurus.

In order to avoid overlapping and to disseminate the resources in existing documentation centres and data bases, the Institute aims to develop standard requirements enabling searching and uploading external data stored at various information and resource centres on relevant studies, reports and research.

The collections will cover gender related policies and practices, tools, methods and good practices of gender mainstreaming in Member States, accession and candidate countries, EU institutions, research excellence on gender equality, good practice materials and reports produced by institutions of civil society.

Following the high quality assurance criteria, the RDC will store EU legislation, policy documents, research reports, scientific books, journals and other publications, statistics, best practices, case studies, proceedings, dictionaries, directories, glossaries, etc.

The services will be available to European and national policy-makers, researchers, social partners, gender practitioners, training and research institutes, universities, students as well as the general public. EIGE makes a questionnaire to the WINE network asking information on the technical systems they are using and the type of collection they have.

Five Resource Centres/Libraries are chosen – with different technical systems and different types of collections to maximise the learning from the pilot project. The pilot will focus on collections on Gender Based Violence (GBV).

During the implementation regular evaluation will take place, with the five chosen but also with a larger circle of the WINE network.

Questionnaire to WINE members:

1.Which ILS solutions do you use? Name + short description of system indicating  system’s environment (Windows, Unix )

2.Do you have other kind of databases (e.g. digital collections) or  web-based/digital resources (e.g. portals) If so, what type of formats are they?

3.Could you please indicate what cataloguing rules/standard do you use in your library/documentation centre? in which format data can be exported ?(MARC 21, Dublin Core, ) is the catalogue  using open standards  allowing automatic harvesting ?

4.Could you please indicate what indexing/classification system  do you use in your library/documentation centre? If this is an in-house system, could you provide us with a copy? 5.Could you give us a global estimate of number of documents collected under GBV or under any violence-related topics in relation with your indexing system?

6.What different types of documents under GBV do you collect – books, articles, films, music, video, cartoon etc.

7. What is the main language you use for indexing/keywords?