Windows are open for new members in AtGender

All windows are open!Dear WINE members in all European countries,
we are around 50 members in our network. That’s why I am using our weblog to send around this invitation to join ATGENDER. Whoever can find out out how many membership based associations or organisations exist in our country?  Please, send this invitation to all women’s/gender archives, libraries and documentation centers in your country and support the campaign to strengthen ATGENDER. Our windows are open for new members.

What is this campaign about?

During the ATGENDER Spring Conference in Utrecht in April,  2011 a meeting was held at which ATGENDER members discussed the issues concerning National Associations membership. It was decided that ATGENDER should concentrate on associations committed to the aims of ATGENDER regarding:
– Gender & Women’s Studies, Feminist Research and related fields (such as postcolonial, migration, anti-racism, queer, sexualities, labour & care studies, masculinities)
– Documentation (librarians, documentation & information specialists, women’s centers)
– Gender Equality & Diversity (equal opportunity agents, women’s and feminist activists, HR, employers).

The group agreed that it is crucial to unite such associations and that a focused effort should be made to increase the number of National Associations’ membership.

With the beginning of summer 2011 the ATGENDER Board decided to launch a campaign aimed to introduce many of the National Associations connected with gender and feminist research to  ATGENDER, a growing European association. More information about this project and about ATGENDER you find on the website and especially in the 11th newsletter.

Feel free to contact any of the following board members:
in German –  Patricia Treusch (,
in Italian – Sveva Magaraggia (,
in Bulgarian – Nadezhda Alexandrova ( and
in Dutch – Berteke Waaldijk ( or
in English, with any question: