46. Conference of Women’s and Lesbian’s Archives and Libraries 2011

This year our 46th conference of  German-language lesbian/women’s libraries, archives and documentation centers will take place from 03rd until 06th of  November 2011 in Bolzano/Italy. For the first time ever the meeting is organised by a women’s archive in a German speaking area from North Italy. The “Women’s Archive / Archivio storico delle donne” was founded in 2003. The archive has now prepared an exhibition with the title “Women’s movement  70 / Frammenti di storia del movimento femminista in Alto Adige” to be opened and discussed during our conference.
Our umbrella organization “i.d.a.” have joined organisations from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg an Italy. Together with women from other archives and libraries in Italy we will discuss this year about the central theme “Women’s movement in the archive?“ /„Il movimento femminista negli archivi storici delle donne?” In addition we organized many working groups, readings, an archive tour and historical town walks.