Save projects in Vienna!

Petition for “L’Homme. Z.F.G.” and the “Sammlung Frauennachlässe” in Vienna

From last Monday until yesterday I stayed in Vienna to research in the archive STICHWORT and to celebrate the 20th aniversary of ARIADNE at the National Library. So I had the opportunity to visit the women of both institutions in Vienna yesterday. They are overwhelmed by the mass of people who have already signed the online petition: „L’Homme. European Journal of Feminist History” (“L’Homme. Europäische Zeitschrift für Feministische Geschichtswissenschaft”) and the “Collection of Women’s Personal Papers” (Sammlung Frauennachlässe) at the Department of History of the University of Vienna have been continually developed and expanded for more than 20 years with much enthusiasm and expertise, unpaid work and public money from the national and provincial governments as well as the university.

The more people sign the petition the more the the ministry and university have to recognise how important and unique the archive and the journal are for the scientific community as well as for the cultural heritage. So, dear WINE-members all around Europe, please, sign this online petition! You’ll also find an English translation on the website.