47. Meeting of Lesbian/Women’s Archives and Libraries in Kassel

On the weekend of 19-21 October 2012, the 47th Meeting of Lesbian/Women’s Archives, Libraries and Information/Documentation Centres from German-Speaking Countries will take place in Kassel. At the moment, 36 of the participating archives and libraries from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Northern Italy are members of our umbrella organization i.d.a..

The theme for our discussions at the meeting will be On the information highway through Europe – access paths to and cross-linking of resources on gender equality.

The opening lecture will be given by Kathrin Ganz from the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg on “Lesbian/Women’s Archives in the Digital World”.

The several working groups will discuss subjects such as:

  • Protection of data privacy,
  • German Digital Library and EUROPEANA,
  • Person authority file and the project German Biography,
  • Lobby work,
  • Feminist pedagogy in archives and
  • The international i.d.a. network

A workshop about social networking will foster facebook and Wikipedia skills. We will also have the opportunity to visit the Archiv der Deutschen Frauenbewegung in Kassel and learn more about women in the town across two centuries on a guided walking tour of the city.