New portal on gender-based violence

In the beginning of November 2012, a new database on gender-based violence was launched. It is the result of a cooperation between the WINE members Aletta E-Quality, Amazone, Cid- femmes,  Gender Library in Berlin and KvinnSam and The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE).

The database contains more than 26.000 references including policy documents, grey literature of all nature, online files, books, articles and databases. These references are easily accessible via an online search tool and will be updated regularly. The resources on gender-based violence enable EU institutions, authorities in the Member States, researchers and all those interested in this area to document or support policy work on gender-based violence. These online resources are available in several
languages (English, French, German, Swedish and Dutch,
among others).

The resources are accessible via a portal on EIGE’s website.

Hopefully this project will be extended to include more partners and more subjects.

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NEW: Portal for Resources on Gender-Based Violence

October 25, 2012 by winenetworkeurope

Portal for Resources Related to Gender-Based Violence in Europe to be Available in November 2012

Five documentation centres and libraries specialising in women’s and gender issues are joining forces with the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) to enable access to resources related to gender-based violence in EIGE’s Resource and Documentation Centre (RDC).

The project will pull together and make available resources that have been collected for more than twenty years by the project partners in several languages. It will include books, research articles, reports, grey literature and other materials.

The hope is that this pilot project will serve as a starting point that will eventually allow EIGE’s RDC to become a “one-stop-shop” to search for all information related to gender-based violence. It will offer various EU institutions, authorities from the Member States, researchers, civil society organizations and other access to information available in Europe related to gender-based violence.

The members of the pilot project are:

Aletta– Institute for Women’s History in Amsterdam

Amazone– Resource Centre for Equality between Women and Men in Brussels

Cid-Femmes – Centre d’Information et de Documentation des Femmes (cid-femmes) in Luxembourg

Gender Library at Humboldt-Universitaetzu in Berlin

KvinnSam – National Resource Library for Gender Studies at Gothenburg University in Sweden

The role and contribution of Aletta in the initiation of cooperation with EIGE and in the launching of the pilot project has been very important. The project will share and make the resources accessible to users via one portal, the EIGE’s Resource and Documentation Centre, and will encourage other libraries and women’s information centres, in particular members of WINE, to actively participate.

All available resources on gender-based violence will be accessible from November 2012.