“This is my home now” Released on DVD

Last month (Oct. 2012), Saddie Choua’s new documentary entitled “This is my home now”, produced by the European Women’s Lobby and the European Network of Migrant Women, was released on DVD.


The documentary follows the stories of three migrant women living in Europe. Anna, originally from Russia, is both a gender researcher and poet, who owns a hotel in Lefkara, Cyprus. Dil from Sri Lanka, is a successful stand-up comedian, journalist and radio host, as well as an active voice for equality and the rights of migrants and queers in Ireland. Sophie from Tunisia, now lives in Marseille, France, and runs a beauty salon as well as a social institute which serves as an empowering meeting place for women of diverse backgrounds.

The film provides a rare and intimate glimpse into the lives of these women, whom, like so many other migrant women, are enriching their host communities in a myriad of ways, and breaking the stereotypes often associated with migrant women.

For more information regarding the film or to obtain a copy of the DVD, please visit the European Women’s Lobby website or send an e-mail to machacova@womenlobby.org