META : a new project by i.d.a.

ida_Logo.jpgMETA : Pooling Knowledge – Making Collections Visible
A Project by i.d.a – The Umbrella Organization of German-Speaking Women’s/Lesbian Archives and Libraries

For many decades, women’s and lesbian archives have collected the unique treasures of feminist and women’s movements in all their diversity. While focusing on “women’s history” they have made a very valuable contribution to historiography and act as carriers of the memory of many women’s movements.
Women’s-, lesbian- and gender libraries collect and document the gender-specific knowledge production and make those documents accessible for research and studies.
The two main goals of the project are:
1. to foster and focus communication between i.d.a. members through a new website i.e. internet portal developed with up-to-date technology. In every facility there are experts whose knowledge is invaluable for women and gender studies.
2. to unite the metadata of all collections of the circa 40 members of i.d.a. in a central database and make it available for research via the internet. This will improve the visibility of our women’s/lesbian archives and libraries, and their collections. Academics, scholars and researchers will gain direct access to the insights of women’s and gender studies.
As a result, i.d.a. will have a communication platform (in the end of 2013) and a central metadata database (in 2014). With this we can optimize access to information concerning women’s and lesbian history, as well as gender studies.

Project manager: Sabine Balke Estremadoyro
Technical project manager: Stefanie Pöschl

 Project Metadatenbank

Fon: ++49  30 7439 7622

This project is sponsored by the German ministry for family affairs, senior citizens, women and youth