48. Meeting of Lesbian/Women’s Archives and Libraries (i.d.a.) in Leipzig

ida_banner_130x80On the weekend of 18-20 October 2013, the 48th Meeting of Lesbian/Women’s Archives, Libraries and Information/Documentation Centers from German-language countries will take place in Leipzig. At the moment, 36 of the participating archives and libraries from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Northern Italy are members of our umbrella organization i.d.a.
The umbrella for our discussions at the meeting will be “From the women’s journal to #scream (#aufschrei) : the future of German language lesbian/women’s archives and libraries”.
The opening event will be the launch of the new book from the AtGender Teaching Series “Teaching gender with libraries and archives” by the two editors Sara de Jong and Sanne Koevoets. Another highlight of this meeting will be the presentation of the i.d.a.-website relaunch by the META-project.
The several working groups will discuss subjects such as:

  • Feminist pedagogy in archives,
  • Feminist work in archives in the 5th decade,
  • Indexing and classifications,
  • Protection of data privacy and
  • Lobby work.

A workshop about how to work with the new website’s management system will encourage i.d.a.-members to improve their skills. We will also have the opportunity to visit the womens/gender library MonaLiesA in Leipzig, which is organizing the meeting this year, and learn more about the early women’s movement in Leipzig on a guided walking tour through the city.