Kilden has launched a new website


The newsmagazine takes centre stage on Kilden’s new front page, and the online women’s history exhibitions are better highlighted.

Kilden is an information centre for gender research, whose main activity is the production of an independent newsmagazine with news about research on gender, mainly from Norway. The newsmagazine takes centre stage on the new front page. The magazine has become a member of Fagpressen, The Norwegian Specialized Press Association, and will continue to deliver solid and independent research journalism.

Kilden owns and runs the Journal of Gender Research. Information about the latest issue of the journal is much more visible at the new front page. At the same time, front covers and content from all issues of the Journal of Gender Research are available in English back to the year 2009.

The website has a new information section; About gender research. Here you can find the answers to most questions you might have on gender research in Norway, e.g. on research centres and networks, studies and new publications.

Kilden carries out information- and communication tasks on behalf of Norwegian gender research communities and takes on various communication- and information projects on behalf of external parties. Now, selected projects are made more visible. Kilden’s online women’s history exhibitions are also highlighted on the Norwegian front page. Unfortunately, only one of the exhibitions has yet been translated to English: “Scars in my heart”.

As part of the process, Kilden shortened its name to simply Kilden. The url is also new – – which literally translates as

You’ll find the English version on

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Read more about Kilden, its history and background at the website.