News from Amazone: Gender and public space / Gender and mobility

Amazone presented in cooperation with her two partners – Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company and Brussels-Capital Region – the outcomes of their project concerning women & public space and women & public transport. This project took nearly two years (2014-2015) and passed different stages.


Amazone’s Information Centre on Gender Policy carried out two exploring studies on international literature regarding women & public space and women & public transport.

The outcomes of these studies formed  the basis of round table discussions and focus groups on this matter, concentrating in particular on the situation in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode.

An artistic dimension was added to the participative part of the project with the creation of portraits by artist Nora Theys. These artworks portrayed four local inhabitants of Saint-Josse-ten-Noode and temporarily occupies a prominent place in the Brussels metro station Madou. Participants in focus groups had the opportunity to take part in self-defence workshops in order to boost their self-confidence while using public transport.

More information

For further information on these topics, we would like to refer to the reports drawn up by Amazone’s Information Centre on Gender Policy:

Women & Public transport: Integral study (Dutch) – Summarizing brochure (Dutch/French)

Women & Public space: Integral study (French) – Summarizing brochure (Dutch/French)

Sources referred to in our literary study can be found via our online catalogue.