Amazone, National Focal Point for gender policy


Amazone responded successfully to the European tender EIGE/2013/OPER/24, lot 2 (Belgium).

Because of this, the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) acknowledges Amazone as a foothold and an expertise centre for grey literature (i.e. policy information and texts from women’s organisations) concerning gender policy in Belgium for a period of four years (2014-2018).

This project primarily consists of the collection and documentary treatment of primary and secondary sources regarding the twelve priority actions of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, that originate from different authorities and women’s movements. Attention will be paid to statistics, policy documents, good practices, memoranda, thematic files, legislation etc.

Moreover, within the framework of this tender, Amazone will interview important stakeholders in the field of gender equality, in particular experts from authorities, society and the academic world.

Finally, the EIGE will appeal to Amazone as a foothold and expertise centre for secondary and tertiary sources. This implies that Amazone will be responsible for proofreading fact sheets or translations edited by EIGE, summarising important reports and studies and providing information on experts and equality actors in Belgium.

Furthermore, we would like to remind you that Amazone Resource Centre is also partner in the virtual catalogue of EIGE, which comprises more than 240.000 literature references. You can consult the online catalogue via this direct link.