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The sexy librarian or the bun lady?


2013 AtGender Spring conference, April 26-28, Gothenburg , Focus: ‘Teaching with gender’


Institutionalizing intersectionality : the changing nature of European equality regimes


  Authors: Krizsan, Andrea, Hege Skjeie og Judith Squires (eds.) This book gives a comparative view on how European governments have tried to handle the concept of intersectionality. Abstract: An exploration of the… Continue reading

New list of journals


Take a look at our new list of peer reviewed journals in the field of gender research. This is a list of about 165 peer reviewed journals within the broad field of women’s… Continue reading

UN resolution 1325 ten years on


Ten years after UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on women, peace and security was adopted by the UN Security Council, the issue of the role of women in war and conflict has achieved… Continue reading

“At the limit of what a person can bear”


New PhD-thesis from Norway: Most pregnant women whose foetus is proven to have a genetic abnormality choose to have an abortion, but reaching that decision is a painful, exhausting process for most of… Continue reading

Athena book series results


The Athena3 network has jointly developed modules, teaching materials and programmes, and conducted extensive research and published reports about didactic and educational aspects of the interdisciplinary field. You can find (and download) teaching… Continue reading