Save KVINFO’s library

Dear WINE-members,
during our last meeting in Vilnius we also talked about a help action for KVINFO in Copenhagen. Now we got a cry for help:
KVINFO writes:
“While the future of KVINFO is primarily a Danish concern, we believe that it should also be a cause for concern among individuals and institutions caring about gender and gender equality all over the world. The education, knowledge dissemination and research undertaken by the KVINFO library hub is international in nature. It builds on knowledge received from all over the world, and it offers knowledge to specific gender equality programmes and projects in many countries around the world.
This is why we have decided to get in touch with you, asking you to spread the word and sign the Support KVINFO campaign. ”

I send this letter to all of you with the appeal to sign the online petition:
More information:
We very hope to save KVINFO’s library this way because traditional libraries still don’t feel responsible for collecting gender knowledge.

Dr. Karin Aleksander

“Behind every succesful women’s studies program there is a specialized women’s library! ”
(Annamaria Tagliavini, The Making of European Women’s Studies, Vol. VI, Utrecht 2002, p. 162)