54nd Meeting of i.d.a. in Berlin/Germany

The  54nd meeting of German language lesbian and women’s archives, libraries and information/documentation centres will be held from 03.-05.05.2019 in Berlin. This time the Berlin Network of Lesbian/Women’s Archives and Libraries invited the members of the i.d.a. umbrella organisation. This year we will discuss under the current theme “German language lesbian/women’s archives, libraries and information/documentation centres in the field of controversy between past and future”.
The main part in many discussions will be again the digital archive project about the women’s movements in Germany, which started last September. Untill now more than 100 essays published in the portal. The experience of different project members and future challenges to develope and improve the German Digital Women’s Archive as well as current problems of the daily work are to debated with this time firstly used Open Space-method.