European Women’s Thesaurus online in new layout

Looking for information on Amazons, Anorexia nervosa, Black feminism, Child abuse, Feminist media or Images of women? These are just a few terms from the European Women’s Thesaurus, a tool for indexing and retrieving women’s information in databases, on internet and in the collections of libraries and archives. The Thesaurus is now online on the website of Aletta, Institute for Women’s History

User information

The online Thesaurus provides users with access to the rich cross-references and multiple levels of relationships within the thesaurus. By clicking on a thesaurus term, the user can browse the thesaurus-related terms and choose the relevant ones, enabling her to search the catalogue and all other databases at Aletta. The European Women’s Thesaurus can be searched by category, keyword, country, period, form of publication or occupation.


The European Women’s Thesaurus was developed in 1998 in partnership with five organisations: the International Information Centre and Archives for the Women’s Movement (IIAV, now Aletta) in Amsterdam, KVINFO Centre for Information on Women and Gender in Copenhagen, RoSa Documentation Centre in Brussels, Bibliotheca/Centro di Documentazione delle Donne in Bologna and Nordic Institute for Women’s Studies and Gender Research (NIKK) in Oslo. Aletta has been maintaining the thesaurus ever since; on a regular basis new terms are being added. The addition of new terms is necessary as new concepts develop and it may be necessary to delete or change existing terms.

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